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Our deep ties to the demand side make it our mission to drive your monetization.

Bringing Demand For Pubs

Deals are being closed with the world’s largest marketers, partnerships with DSPs, and the expansion of relationships with global holding companies to expand your revenue opportunities.

The Ultimate Endearing Agency & Brand Partner

Personalized arrangements for SPOs. Identification-based activation partners. Favored partnerships for SSP status. Relationships with major corporations over long periods of time. These relationships drive demand and increase yield.

Packages That Are Unique to The Exchange

We work with buyers to create tailored packages based on their specific needs and target audiences – which will drive revenue for our pubs and results for buyers.

Who is ready to maximize their revenue?

When you sign up and you are approved you get exclusive access to our Adtoms Network and are able to take advantage of a very strong and elusive advertiser base. Upon approval you get access to a large and fast growing marketplace for advertisers. No matter what kind of website you have and no matter how niche or broad your website is – we have the people and advertisers appropriate for your content and needs.

We pay some of the most competitive CPC and CPM rates in the industry. All are payment terms are Net 35, and all billing cycles happen on the 10th of every month. All publishers minimize efforts and maximize revenues.

Publishers have a very hard time getting approved with certain large networks because of the sheer volume of traffic they require. We also have minimums, but we work with clients of all natures, and try to ensure that everyone no matter how many impressions they have monthly has a solution with us. Adtoms delivers stats in real-time on all revenue earned, and impressions generated, and served.

Adtoms unique semantic technology helps deliver an amazing experience to all of your users and daily visitors. We offer very creative approach to serving ads as well as customization on creatives which helps you earn more.

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