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Our partnerships provide access to premium omnichannel inventory, advanced PMP tools, and 1P data activation services.

Data and Identity are Integrated Into an Exchange

Across mobile, desktop and CTV, hundreds of thousands of active premium publisher domains allow you to connect with your customers. We also provide the highest level of quality.

Powered by AdTomX™.

By combining state-of-the-art data and identity technologies, AdTomX™. leverages stateof- the-art data to provide marketers with the most efficient and effective way to reach their target audiences and segments – making it easier than ever before for businesses to reach their target audiences.

Make the most of your 1P data

In order to create more personalized audiences, we can cross-reference your first-party data with third-party data we have access to. As a result, your programmatic investment will be more effective.

Optimum consumer targeting

Our AdToms platform allows you to reach just about any audience across the open web. Whenever and however you like, we’ll give you an ID so you can run it on your DSP of choice.

Why Adtoms? The answer is very simple. We offer Premium Publishers with great content. All of this leads to user intent, and high conversion rates. We give you everything that you need to make an impact.

Text Advertising
To access our publisher inventory you simply need to sign up for Adtoms Network. Once approved our robust and unique network starts displaying your creative means on one of our 4000+ publisher websites. We cover a variety of niches; everything from Healthcare, Sports, Leisure Activities, Automotive and a variety of others. Our publishers offer billions of impressions on a monthly basis with a majority of those impressions all coming from within North America.
Display Advertising
Every single publisher on our network is very carefully screened. During the screening process we rate each website internally, and classify the website based on a wide range tools which include human and technology verification. All websites are screened to ensure a safe environment, high quality publisher websites are of most importance to us.
At Adtoms, we offer 2 pricing formats for all our Advertisers. The first being CPC (Cost Per Click) in which the Advertiser is charged a set price every time their creative ad is clicked. We have a default click price for all our Advertisers so you do not have to worry about paying the larger costs as you would to a network like Google Adwords, Facebook, Outbrain or Bing. The second format is CPM (Cost Per Mille) also known as cost per thousand, in this format the Advertiser is charged for every 1000 impressions that their ad is displayed. We also have set prices for this so you are not competing with the rest of the world. Fortunately we are adding new publishers, websites, and means of content every single day.
Ad Placements
We understand that every single Advertiser or Marketer has their own goals that are not only important but unique. We offer access to exclusive placements that you cannot find with any network on the market today. Every approved Advertiser is given a unique login to our Ad Server, which breaks down daily revenue, and amount spent. This unique platform allows all of our Advertisers to upload a unique creative and swap ads on the go.